taking knowledge from online resources…

Assalamu alaykum, everyone, 

It’s only Allah (God) who teaches us. Anything that I know is only from Allah. The resources I am able to use are only due to the Will of Allah. 

I should be thankful for being allowed to take knowledge from the internet, but I have many many many many complaints. I am thankful that I am not able to attend any Islamic school or madrassah or anything of that nature. There are benefits of taking knowledge from the scholar directly, not only understanding the books but observing their manners and growing in deen by perfecting your manners.But, I am thankful that it’s not written for me, because I see that scholars are being refuted and that really stops me from learning Islam due to doubts. 

Learning Islam online is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy tooooooooooooo hard, you learn Islam online and you see that the scholars that you take knowledge from are being refuted online. Who are you going to trust? The one who is warning you or the one whom you are being warned from? 

I, the ignorant being, ask Allah to teach me!!!!!!!!!!!!

“How can you disobey #Allah (#God) - the One who taught you…taught you that which you’d no knowledge of?!”
“Muhammad Ibn Bundaar al-Jarjaanee said to Imaam Ahmad: ‘Verily it is hard for me to say: So and so is like this, and so and so is like that.’ So Ahmad said to him: “If I remain quiet and you remain quiet then when will the ignorant man come to know the Saheeh (authentic) from the saqeem (weak)?””
Majmoo’ul-Fataawaa (28/231) and Sharh ’Ilalut-Tirmidhee (1/350)
“Despite all calamities, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, made positive remarks. #Inspired !!”

Why do we fast?

As-salaamu ‘alaykum,

This piece is from the webinar I attended. It’s all planned by Allah (God) when to learn and what to learn. I had heard one of our professors questioning why do we fast. She is a Muslim, but after so many years gap she has started, restarted fasting, rather. So, she obviously was finding it hard but Al-hamdu Lillah (all Praise and Thanks be to Allah) she has started doing an action that is between her and her Rabb (Lord). Because of my love for her, I really wanted to find an answer for her question and I searched the internet, nothing I could absorb. Allah knows that I didn’t learn from my own search, so Allah decided that I attend iERA’s MuslimNow webinar that is designed specifically for New Muslims, but I go there too.

And,now I canconnect what I learnt in the class. We fast because Allah first raises our status from being nothing worthy of mention to a believer and then Allah tells us that fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those who came before you. So there is nothing to worry about, it is something you can do it. Then Allah tells us the reason we fast is: So that we have taqwah. And where does taqwah reside? It’s in the heart. So we need to learn the matters of heart and were taught that there is a hole in our heart, if it is not filled with love for Allah, then holes will keep appearing. And, it’s only when we love Allah, then we do everything that Allah loves and is pleased with. It’s only when we love Allah, we remember HIm, subhanahu wa ta’ala, with much remembrance and disobeying HIm causes distress.

Then we planned:

- establish salah, meaning pray as soon as we hear the call to prayer.

- don’t miss the sunnah prayer even if we don’t feel anything, we pray out of love for Allah

- do dhikr, spend quality time mentioning Allah after each salah and dont’ miss the morning and evening words of remembrance. we don’t have machine gun kinda dhikr like subhanaAllah subhanaAllah…. but think of what we are saying and mean it!!

- be generous

- repent as soon as we commit sin, don’t lose hope

- don’t neglect the consistent sunnah which is to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, because if we don’t do that, then we’ll be called to evil.

- be kind to parents, specially mother because we know stories of people who were raised to high status because they were taking care of their mother (take story of neighbour of Musa, alayhi sallam, in Paradise!!)

We do all of these actions out of love for Allah!!!

May Allah accept from all of us and help us die when our Iman is perfected!!

Note please, it’s upto us to plan more, I have included some of the strategies by myself! Don’t forget to learn more how to have control over heart and purify soul…most recommended book on purifcation of the soul is by respected teacher Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (I plan to go through it and ask you to do the same). And, Allah is the one who plans and final decision of each matter rests on HIm, if I find anything more related to the matters of heart and soul, I will definitely share.

Wassalamu alaykum.

“Truth be told, most of the time we talk about people rather than mentioning #Allah (#God) in a gathering!”
“Life is an experiment. One formula doesn’t work on all equations, you must be bold enough to take risk of applying new techniques!”
Wise words of mine :)

This marks the eeeeeeeennnnnnnndddddd….

As-salaamu ‘alaykum,

16th July ‘13 marks the beginning of journey of my life, as Pashtoon at Christian university in Punjab…what a combination! :p

One academic year down…Al-hamdu Lillah And, one more to go…in sha ‘Allah ta’ala.

It was hard for me to ‘survive’ in the beginning, and one of our teacher would say positive remarks and would tell me that ‘you are strong’ they did help me. But she would also say that ‘you need to be diplomatic’ I don’t agree with it, diplomacy is cold code for hypocrisy. But Pakistanis use it in a positive way, you see. Oh Pakistanis English!! I am not being grammar nazi here. I am alright with any and every term Pakistanis use in a creative way from ratafication to ‘tie’ for tea…but the word ‘hostellite’ disturbs me, because it reminds me of my home in Satellite town Quetta. :(

I am very thankful to Allah that I learnt how to forgive those whom I don’t agree with. I had hard time understanding it. I developed the habit of forgiving when I started helping some of my classfellows who had made some rude remarks in the beginning of year. I would refuse to help them, but I knew that Allah will not leave me until I help them and learn how to forgive. That is total transformation for me to help such people!

I would get frustrated when someone would say that because I am from Quetta so it must be easy for me to spend winters here. I would tell them, because you are from ‘garam’ area so it must be easy for you to bear Laahowre da Garmi (Uff Allah!!) :p Sometimes I would say: “Yar polar bear tou nahi hun, jo sardi nahi lagay gi” :P ha-ha

The bestest days of my life were when I met two of my most beloved sisters! Sis Nida and sis Sheli. I met sis Nida on 17th November ‘13, she was the first one who took me to her home in here and my love for Lahore grew a little…it became easy for me to get myself adjusted. No one I had ever seen as generous as she! I loved the fact that her Mum was Pashtoon and I loved conversing with her in my own native language :D

And,sis Sheli is my totally loveliest friend, I met her on 14th January ‘14. Al-hamdu Lillah, I struggled to persuade my local guardians, my ‘younger’ brothers (who are younger than me but they don’t look like) to take me to hers, after so many tears they took me. Well, tears is a weapon that I use when I see nothing is working on my brothers ha-ha Both of my friends are abroad and the one whom I met this year will not come back to Pakistan…I didn’t know that Allah will bless me to meet her. What’s there in meeting? When people meet for the sake of Allah, then they’ll be covered with shade of Allah on the Day of Judgement. So, Al-hamdu Lillah, I pray Allah accept it from all of us!!

The bestest week of my life was February 5th - 7th, 2014, when I attended workshops of two of my teachers: teacher Hamza - the Greek and teacher Adnan - the Historian. I thought it would be interactive session, but we were not allowed to interrupt. Teacher Hamza asked question, and we were not supposed to answer, but just listen. He asked: “Did those leaders, Malcolm X lor Nelson, read books on leadership?” Everyone said: NO. I thought I was being clever and said: Maybe!! “Maybe…I am the one who’s supposed to be teaching you here,” were teacher Hamza’s remarks. But, my most favourite professor praised me for saying “maybe” when one of my classfellows said that this or that is what people do and the prof asked her to say how certain she was, and when I said ‘maybe’ she praised me :p 

And, teacher Adnan’s session was full of historical events and he named few great figures and asked if we knew them. I didn’t. I was too embarrassed and I vowed to myself that I will begin learning about Muslims. I believe, in order to be blessed with victory, it is necessary that we know our roots.

That event had great impact on my life. It was meant for me. Teacher Hamza gave us example of “Ayesha & Fatima” and how we frame people. Those names were chosen in example because there are so many sisters with this name and that’s true, I have both Ayesha and Fatima in my class. And had trouble with Ayesha, specially during those days, but after that advice from brother Hamza, I strive not to give importance to thoughts that come to my mind regarding Ayesha or Fatima or anyone!! I am thankful to Allah for helping me attend that workshop so that it help me live peacefully with my classfellows. Al-hamdu Lillah.

Of all the things I love about Lahore is my most beloved and favourite professor Nadia (who taught me how to say ‘maybe’ ;-) ) I thank Allah for making it possible for me to have such an AMAZING person as my teacher. She is the one whom I totally connected with. I will forget what others say, but I will not forget how she makes me feel :-) She told me: Don’t be afraid to raise your voice. When she saw my result of first semester, she hugged and kissed me. When I feel down, I quickly recall her gems : )

Too much talk about love is not healthy, there needs to be balance in everything…as some say “strike the balance” yeah? So I would talk about lthe hate that I have towards one of the teacher who taught in summers…Uff Allah itni shadeed tareen garmi me, itney ghusay wali Aurat!! It’s only due to her attitude that I cried and have been missing home a lot…A l-o-t!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even do well in her exam paper, due to no connection with her.

I will end with some of moments of deep connection:

The ‘ghupshup’ we had with Maryam, on 30th May ‘14. Well she is our teacher, but unlike Pakistani culture where you need to show courtesy by using titles, I would prefer call her: Maryam. The less formality, the better :-) Her ‘qisay’ are now part of my life…all of her ‘choti-choti batain’ :-)

And, the most memorable day was yesterday for two reasons: when I went to my favourite Nadia and left for her my writing piece “the seed…” because she did sow in my heart seeds of change :)  And, also when I gave gift to my loveliest of all the teachers, Aneela to show my love and connection. I gave her “Qur’an - a short journey” she had lost connection with Islam and after years gap she has started fasting this year. I want to be the reason for her to develop connection with the Qur’an in the month of Ramadan! In sha ‘Allah.

I will leave with As-salaamu ‘alaykum, and with hope and pray that I reach home “khair khairiyat say” :-) In sha ‘Allah ta ‘ala.

Why do we have this situation?

As-salaamu ‘alaykum,

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him said that there will come time when the love of duniya will enter our heart, even though we’ll be great in number but still the enemies will dominate us because we’ll have love of this world.

Here are his, sallAllahu alayhi wasallam exact words: “The People will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their food.” Someone asked, “Will that be because of our small numbers at that time?” He replied, “No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be froth and scum like that carried down by a torrent (of water), and Allah will take the fear of you from the breasts (hearts) of your enemy and cast al-wahn into your hearts.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what is al-wahn?” He replied, “Love of the world and dislike of death.” [An authentic hadith recorded by Abu Dawud and Ahmad]

If you don’t give dawah, if you don’t support dawah, how do you expect Allah to grant you victory?!

May Allah love, bless and guide us all and remove from us ‘al-wahn’!!

Don’t make requests when you don’t do dawah!

As-salaamu ‘alaykum,

We take the words of the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, serious and his, upon whom be peace words are also waha to us (the revelation). He, upon whom be peace, said in a hadith that if we don’t call people to Allah (God), then Allah will send calamity upon us and we’ll make dua’a, we’ll supplicate to Allah and it won’t be answered. (I have written the Prophet’s words in my own words).

Quite often Muslims talk about the prophecies, but they don’t remember that each and every word that our beloved Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, uttered, is true. He, upon whom be peace, was known for his truthfulness. Even the enemies would leave belongings to him, because they all had trust on him, upon whom be peace. So how could you doubt his words, how could you think that you don’t call others to Islam and Allah will answer your dua’a?

I tell you that there is no benefit of making dua’a to Allah or asking others to make du’a for you and the Ummah when you are not calling others to Islam.

May Allah bless, love and guide us all!

Failure is a Must!

It’s only when you fail, you attempt to perfect your yaqeen (faith) on your Rabb (Lord)!

Without it you don’t make an effort to turn to #Allah (#God).

And, it’s also human nature to forget, so in order to make you remember your creator, you are afflicted with calamity.

If you see others in affliction, know that Allah loves them and don’t want them to forget Him.

Well, you know, our beloved parents, Prophet Adam and Hawa, May Allah have mercy upon them, they forgot Allah. They remembered Allah only when they experienced failure. So, it’s in our genes that we forget and we are faced with calamity so we remember Allah.

Constant failure means that Allah doesn’t want you to forget Him at all.